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Mindfulness is about skillfully handling whatever life gives us. That's meditation, whether you're on a mountaintop, at work, or on a roller coaster.

“Unique approach; I remain intensely moved.”

I am so incredibly thankful to have met Ron. Seriously, his Mindfulness in Blue Jeans sessions were a catalyst for some very fundamental changes as to how I perceive and interact with the world and those around me. I will never forget that.

When I first met him and joined his group, I had no idea what to expect. On that first day, I sat with his circle and was taken places that I didn’t even know I needed to visit. I was introduced to a person inside myself who has never truly had a chance to live. I was able to learn the specific names of personal demons that had been controlling me for decades and began pushing them away. I finally fully understood why I chose to stay in Boston even though I didn’t really know anyone. This was such a powerful experience and I was still shaking the following day. I remain intensely moved by all of this. Vipassana meditation and active mindfulness will always be a part of my life and I owe much of that to Ron’s introduction.

Update: Since initially writing the review above, I have since relocated back to Atlanta. Trying to find a similar group here has been difficult. I now fully understand how unique Ron’s approach is with Mindfulness in Blue Jeans and will be forever grateful.

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