Back Pocket Insights

Guided sessions to deepen your practice …
and keep in the back pocket of your blue jeans for when life happens.

The two pillars of practice – wisdom and compassion – are crucial when we feel challenged and uncertain.

In that spirit, all guided sessions from Mindfulness in Blue Jeans are now free.

While you’re here, I invite you to visit my blog or join Mindful Mailings … or just click the titles below to download whatever resonates with you.

My only request is that you share this with others who might benefit as well. Now, more than ever, is a time for reaching out and giving however we can.

Four Leaps Toward Freedom

  • Managing Thoughts with Mindfulness: basic, effective techniques for developing mindfulness.
  • Unlocking Acceptance: a surprising insight breaks things loose.
  • Short-circuiting Our Suffering: stop vicious cycles before they even start.
  • The Art of True Release: the genuine, sustainable path to letting go.

The Control Freak Series

  • Calming Your Inner Control Freak: use the “totem pole” technique for finding deep release.
  • Stop Poking the Bear: tear down obsessive thinking from the core.
  • The Limits of Control: a fundamental truth for genuine freedom.
  • Also includes worksheets and an extra bonus.

Mindful Visualizations

Breathing room in under ten minutes; keep these handy when you’re pressed for time. Sessions include: Colors, Bubbles, Sediment, Movie Screen, and Space.

“Fill Your Pockets”

All twelve sessions and extras from “Four Leaps Toward Freedom,” “Control Freak,” and “Mindful Visualizations.”


“Where are you damming — and damning! — your own inner energy?”

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