Back Pocket Insights

Guided sessions to deepen your practice …
and keep in the back pocket of your blue jeans for when life happens.

Four Leaps Toward Freedom

  • Managing Thoughts with Mindfulness: basic, effective techniques for developing mindfulness.
  • Unlocking Acceptance: a surprising insight breaks things loose.
  • Short-circuiting Our Suffering: stop vicious cycles before they even start.
  • The Art of True Release: the genuine, sustainable path to letting go.


The Control Freak Series

  • Calming Your Inner Control Freak: use the “totem pole” technique for finding deep release.
  • Stop Poking the Bear: tear down obsessive thinking from the core.
  • The Limits of Control: a fundamental truth for genuine freedom.
  • Also includes worksheets and an extra bonus.


Mindful Visualizations

Breathing room in under ten minutes; keep these handy when you’re pressed for time. Sessions include: Colors, Bubbles, Sediment, Movie Screen, and Space.


“Fill Your Pockets”

Download all twelve sessions and extras from “Four Leaps Toward Freedom,” “Control Freak,” and “Mindful Visualizations” right now.


“Where are you damming — and damning! — your own inner energy?”

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