“If you fight yourself, you've already lost.”
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Revealing Inner Peace

July 13, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Register here: Revealing Inner Peace


Are you your own drill sergeant in an army of one? Do you feel endless pressure to be “good enough?” Are you ready to start letting that go?


We often gravitate toward self-loathing rather than self-compassion. For example:

  • Do you berate yourself for relatively minor things, or long ago events?
  • Do you feel like you treat yourself worse than you treat everyone else?
  •  Does your mind feel more like a war zone than a safe haven?
  • Are you motivated more by fear than love?
  • Has anyone (including you!) suggested easing up on yourself?
  • Do you feel the need for constant inner vigilance or control?


You’re not alone. More importantly, you’re not permanently stuck with this.


Save your spot for this workshop to learn:

  1. The sources of your negative self-thinking
  2. The dysfunctional “logic” those thoughts follow
  3. Where to break the vicious cycle that gets created
  4. How to use one simple mindfulness practice to reveal your inner peace


The insights shared and practiced in this session come from years of painstaking work. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to discover the structure of this thought pattern … or how to make it implode.

Early-bird discounted tickets are available at Revealing Inner Peace, and your peace awaits within. (Really. It’s there, and probably closer than you think.) Namaste!



What people say about our sessions:

His voice invites immediate connection and his use of anecdotes & metaphors makes absorption of his teachings enjoyable. Really looking forward to more talks! — Elisa, Wareham, MA

I feel like I just had a weight lifted from my chest and I can feel the space that was just created inside of me. — Ashley, Denver, CO

Wow, that was fantastic. Thank you Ron for an amazing experience. — Erin, Los Angeles, CA

You made this practice very approachable, thank you. — Melissa, Hanover, MA

Insightful practice. I appreciate Ron’s approach to sharing his wisdom with us. Great blend of story, technique and sitting. — Walt, Ashland, MA

That was profound. A life changer. — Imelda, Austin, TX

A welcomed prod to shift perspective. Thank you! — Susan, Ashburnham, MA

I love the pace and tone and clear guidance. — Parminder, London, United Kingdom

To say that this experience has been insightful, and it has, would be the highest compliment I could give. — Seeker, Cedar City, UT



Presented by Ron Levine from Mindfulness in Blue Jeans, a 20+ year practitioner of mindfulness and insight meditation.

After actively denying his own trauma for eight years, Ron’s life finally fell apart in a crippling heap of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and agoraphobia in early 1998. While on short-term disability and unable to even leave his house, he was introduced to anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) and vipassana (mindfulness-based insight meditation), which formed the basis of a profound recovery built on daily practice on and off the cushion.

With backgrounds in social psychology, information technology, and yoga, Ron emphasizes a grounded and methodical results-based approach toward discovering inner freedom.


“Mindfulness in Blue Jeans … because enlightenment doesn’t care if you’re wearing yoga pants.”


July 13, 2019
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


The Watertown Center for Healing Arts
17 Spring Street
Watertown, MA 02472 United States


Mindfulness in Blue Jeans
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