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Mindfulness is simply practicing awareness with what's here. That's meditation, whether you're on a mountaintop, at work, or on a roller coaster.

“Deeply grateful.”

I am deeply grateful to have met Ron on a meditation app when he was just beginning Mindfulness In Blue Jeans a year ago. I’d not normally have driven an hour to go the meet-up he’d invited me to, but then I read his story. Our similar experiences with overcoming anxiety and our shared interest in social psychology drew me to his class to see what more I could discover. I already lived a life of mindfulness, but I’ve learned a lot from Ron about the effect biology has on the mind when it comes to anxiety, which has given me one of my favorite “a-hah” moments to date. Ron’s now like a big brother to me, and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in meditation and learning more about themselves from someone who’s truly genuine and enjoys adding humor into his work and teaching.

“Ron is who you would trust to walk with you in your journey.”

Mindfulness hinges on authenticity and honesty with one’s self and others. It is also the belief that the best mode of living life is through humans nurturing one another with support and kindness. Ron exemplifies this first by passionately articulating how vulnerable he himself had been to acute fear and anxiety, and then leading the self-healing and faith-building process with unadulterated kindness. Sitting with Ron and friends is precious while Ron takes us through recovery and make our souls rejoice life just the way it is. Ron is who you would trust to walk with you in your journey of getting to know yourself through meditative reflection.

“Very new at this and have already come a long way.”

I have a hammer, a block of wood, and a nail. I was using the wood to drive the nail backwards into the hammer. Ron’s teachings helped me identify these things and use them appropriately. I am speaking in metaphors of course. I am very new at this and have already come a long way in understanding how the mind works thanks to Ron.

“Unique approach; I remain intensely moved.”

I am so incredibly thankful to have met Ron. Seriously, his Mindfulness in Blue Jeans sessions were a catalyst for some very fundamental changes as to how I perceive and interact with the world and those around me. I will never forget that.

When I first met him and joined his group, I had no idea what to expect. On that first day, I sat with his circle and was taken places that I didn’t even know I needed to visit. I was introduced to a person inside myself who has never truly had a chance to live. I was able to learn the specific names of personal demons that had been controlling me for decades and began pushing them away. I finally fully understood why I chose to stay in Boston even though I didn’t really know anyone. This was such a powerful experience and I was still shaking the following day. I remain intensely moved by all of this. Vipassana meditation and active mindfulness will always be a part of my life and I owe much of that to Ron’s introduction.

Update: Since initially writing the review above, I have since relocated back to Atlanta. Trying to find a similar group here has been difficult. I now fully understand how unique Ron’s approach is with Mindfulness in Blue Jeans and will be forever grateful.

“Truly life-changing.”

I’m not sure where to begin…Ron/Mindfulness In Blue Jeans has been and continues to be such an important part of my journey to overcoming my anxiety and so much more. Between the amazing insight and incredible wisdom Ron provides and teaches, and the wonderful guided meditations, I really have been able to learn to use mindfulness/meditation to deal with stress and anxiety in a much healthier way. I can’t thank Ron enough. Truly life-changing.

“Ron brings mindfulness concepts down to earth.”

What I like most from the sessions are Ron’s perspectives, and his ability to deliver this information. Ron shares insights with an emphasis on simplified language, and does his best to bring enigmatic mindfulness concepts down to earth. Casual enough for those who are curious about mindfulness, and experienced enough for those who already have a growing practice.

“Meditation guidance for anyone and everyone.”

I began seeking meditation guidance from Ron after my existing practice had become a bit stagnant and was no longer serving me. Although I was not new to the practice of meditation I was new to the technique Ron very simply and articulately explains. Using a down to earth and straight forward approach as well as years of personal practice and insight Ron was able to help me better understand and navigate the uncomfortable uncertainty of sitting in stillness.

In addition to offering really helpful and powerful 1:1 sessions Ron’s group meetings and workshops are a great opportunity for fellow meditators to connect with the surrounding community. I always take something new away from each session to incorporate in my own developing practice.

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