“If you fight yourself, you've already lost.”
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From Worrier to Warrior: Mindfulness for the Professionally Anxious

May 8, 2019 @ 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm

Anxiety sucks. Literally. It siphons your energy until exhaustion feels “normal.” Do any of the questions in this quiz sound familiar?

1. Do you take your work home (and everywhere else) with you … in your head?
2. Have you noticed that it doesn’t really help, but you still can’t stop?
3. The “Sunday Night Blues.” Know what I mean?
4. Do other people somehow not seem quite as stressed as you feel, even when they say they are?
5. Are you pretty sure you could get it all together if life would just pause for, say, a freakin’ minute or two?
6. Do the benefits of mindfulness or meditation sound great and all, but you just can’t stop your thoughts and clear your mind?

Scoring: One point for each “yes” answer
0: Check for a pulse
1-6: Please proceed to the next section

In “Mindfulness for the Professionally Anxious,” you’ll learn the following:
The source of your often-maddening human condition, and why it’s not your fault. (Really. You’re NOT broken.)
Simple, practical tools for dealing with said human condition — and the counter-intuitive but effective focus areas for their application.
A basic explanation of the science behind how and why they work. (This isn’t a nuclear physics class; I only use words I can actually pronounce.)
How to calm your inner control freak.
Accelerating inner and outer breakthroughs using the power of “shatterpoints.”

Oh, and you’ll get to practice a few mindfulness techniques to see what all the fuss is about!

“From Housebound to Healer”
Hi. I’m Ron from Mindfulness in Blue Jeans.
Early in my IT career, I became housebound with clinical anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. When my doctor prescribed this “mindfulness” thing, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I figured I’d give it a quick try, and when it inevitably failed we could move on to the REAL treatment.

That was over 20 years ago. I’m still waiting for that failure.

In the meantime, I’ve transferred my profoundly life-changing skills from the clinical world to the working world. Many of the keys I used to free myself from my jail at home also unlock our daily mental prisons. After all, aren’t obsessive thoughts and runaway emotions (not to mention the fatigue they cause) common to both?

You don’t have to be where I was to experience the misery described by this great Mark Twain quote: “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

Here’s another quote: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” It’s probably well past time to stop giving these vicious cycles a rent-free room in your psyche. Instead of basing important decisions on irrational emotions, let your innate wisdom and intelligence guide your thoughts, actions, and relationships. And good LORD … let’s finally make impostor syndrome yesterday’s news.

Modern scientific research now shows how you can literally change your physical brain structure using these ancient techniques. I’ve done it, and if I can do it, anyone can. (I’m not special, despite what my mom says.) If you can breathe, you can do this.

You don’t get paid for the time you spend worrying outside of the office walls. You will never be compensated for the lost sleep and stress-related physical ailments that result from sustained anxiety. (Stress, by the way, is designed to be a helpful one-and-done internal alerting mechanism, not the destructive chronic condition we’ve come to accept as “Tuesday.”)

Yet most of us operate this way, which is actually good news for you; when you move from worrier to warrior, not only does life become more enjoyable, but you have a portable toolset that puts you ahead of the pack personally and professionally.

And let’s face it … you wouldn’t have read this far unless you’re ready, willing, and (trust me on this) able to make a change.

What others are saying:

“I couldn’t halt the uninvited, relentless tape loop of thoughts consuming me. After an ‘imprisonment’ of over 2000 days — with just that one session — I’m still enjoying every day with an expansive sense of total release & freedom. The transformation awes me every day! As time passes, I realize that unlike some of the strategies I employed, its initial, astounding impact was not just a temporary boost. So, I can genuinely say it changed my life!!”
— Elisa, Wareham, MA”

I have been walking in circles for months over the same few pieces of my life that consistently trip me up … at the same time every year. I feel like I just had a weight lifted from my chest and I can feel the space that was just created inside of me from listening to this. I’m overwhelmed with joy and I know what to do. ”
— Ashley, Denver, CO

“You made this practice very approachable, thank you.”
— Melissa, Hanover, MA

Mindfulness in Blue Jeans … because enlightenment doesn’t care if you’re wearing yoga pants.


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